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10th International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching

Task-Based Language Teaching: Resilience and Innovation

Khon Kaen University, Thailand

19-21 June 2023




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Important dates


Submission deadline

EXTENDED to 14 February 2023

Notification of acceptance

March 2023

Early bird registration

9 March 2023


19 to 21 June 2023


Under the auspices of the International Association for Task-Based Language Teaching (IATBLT), Khon Kaen University, Thailand, is proud and honored to organize the 10th  International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching in Khon Kaen, Thailand. This will be the first time that the TBLT conference will be held in Asia. It will be a face-to-face event, in accordance with current COVID-19 safety regulations.


The 2023 TBLT organizing committee is looking forward to welcoming scholars and educators from all around the world who are interested in discussing both established and innovative approaches to TBLT. The conference will encourage attendees to both strengthen our understanding of the solid grounds of TBLT and to expand and apply our body of knowledge to new summits under the theme “Task-Based Language Teaching: Resilience and Innovation.”


The conference will focus on well-established TBLT approaches in language classrooms as well as on transferring TBLT to other educational contexts and subjects, such as science education. Furthermore, TBLT practice and innovation, task-based assessment, and its implication for the (language) testing community will be addressed.


Relevant themes include but are not limited to:

  • TBLT methodology
  • TBLT implementation and innovations
  • Technology-mediated TBLT
  • TBLT and Global Englishes
  • Theoretical perspectives on TBLT
  • Sociocultural aspects of TBLT
  • Needs analysis in TBLT
  • Tasks in SLA
  • Tasks in (language) education
  • Task-based assessment
  • Task features, complexity, design
  • Tasks and the role of the learner
  • The role of the teacher and TBLT-based teacher education
  • Evaluating task-based instruction, materials, and programs
  • Critical TBLT

We invite submissions for individual papers, colloquia, workshops, and posters.

Individual Papers                                  

Individual papers should report on original research or make a thought-provoking theoretical or practical contribution to the field. Research proposals should provide explicit information on the research design. Paper presentations will be 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion).


Submissions for individual papers should include:

  • title (15 words maximum)
  • abstract (300 words maximum, excluding references)
  • brief summary for the conference program (50 words maximum)
  • keywords



Colloquia may include research-based papers, presentations focused on research with clear pedagogical and practice-related findings, and thought-provoking theoretical contributions. A colloquium lasts 2 hours, usually with 3 or 4 papers to allow sufficient time for meaningful debate.


Submissions for colloquia should include:

  • title (15 words maximum)
  • abstract providing an overview of the entire colloquium, including the amount of time allotted to each component (300 words maximum)
  • abstracts of the individual papers in the colloquium (200 words maximum per paper) should be uploaded when the proposal is submitted
  • brief summary of the colloquium for the conference program (100 words maximum)
  • keywords
  • Submit colloquium proposals by sending the proposal in ONE document.



Workshops are a hands-on, experiential format that invites attendees to engage with the topic through active participation. During workshops, the audience should work with or around tasks. Frameworks, tools, and instruments that are relevant to TBLT should be used in an interactive way. Proposals should describe not only the workshop content but also its methodology. The duration of a workshop is 90 minutes.


Submissions should include:

  • title (15 words maximum)
  • abstract (300 words maximum), which includes an explicit description of the workshop activities the audience will engage in
  • brief summary for the conference program (50 words maximum)
  • keywords


Poster presentation                                

We invite researchers to submit poster presentations of work at various stages of completion, including finished works as well as those still in progress. During the poster presentations, practitioners and researchers are invited to present their research or teaching approaches in a one-on-one or small-group setting. The presenters are encouraged to be present for the duration of their scheduled time.


Submissions should include:

  • title (15 words maximum)
  • abstract (300 words maximum)
  • brief summary for the conference program (50 words maximum)
  • keywords


All proposals should be submitted by 31 January 2023 at


Each participant may submit one abstract as the first author and the second one in co-authorship. A workshop/colloquium convenor can also present at the workshop/colloquium or in any other presentation formats.


Evaluation of proposals                          

All submissions will be peer-reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Significance for research and/or practice
  • Clarity and coherence of argumentation
  • Originality
  • Research Design / Conceptual Framework


Further information

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